Axe for Spoon Carving, 1.6 lb.

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This nifty small axe is made by Council Tools in the USA.  The model of the axe is the Flying Fox Camp/Throwing Axe. It has a hardened poll (the back of the head) for driving tent pegs, etc. Quite a versatile tool.The Hickory Handle is 14 inches long over the head. The head has a 3 7/8 inch cutting edge (bit).

However, we have modified the standard issue of these axes. We have modified it from the standard “Flying Fox” in two ways:

1. We have modified the factory grind by creating a longer bevel to create a better shaving action, as suiting spoon carving, Kuksa carving, and general green woodworking.

2. We have added a nice leather sheath we’ve made, specifically for this axe to protect the edge.

This little axe has the heft to do the serious waste removal, the hardened poll for hitting with a wooden maul or beetle when splitting open stock, a nice balance and handle allowing gripping in different positions for a variety of actions, enough curve in the blade to enable shaving tasks, the quality you’d expect from a reputable US axe manufacturer, and now an edge shape suitable for the variety of tasks we use in green woodworking.

Need an affordable axe to get into spoon carving, kuksa carving, stool making, and other green woodworking tasks?
We reckon this is it. Stocks are limited, so don’t miss the boat!


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