A Spoon Carving Starter Kit.

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Here is a great little Starter Kit for Spoon Carving, we’ve selected from the range of BeaverCraft Tools.

It contains 4 tools: the SK1 RH Hook Knive, the C13 Skewed Detail Knife, the C15 Detail Woodcarving Knife, and the K8a/14 Compact Short Bent Gouge – all contained in a nifty cloth Tool Roll.  Everything you need to get spoon carving and whittling. The gouge is especially wonderful for carving the bowls of small deep spoons like coffee scoops! The SK1 Hook knife is great for all sorts of other spoons. The two knives are perfect for carving the spoon handles, the backs of the bowls, and any finials and small details on the spoons!


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