Advanced Starter Kit for 3D Carving

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Here’s a great kit for really getting started on 3D carving. Not only do you get lovely knives and gouges in a roll, but you get enough wood to keep you busy for many hours having delightful creative fun! So therapeutic. So relaxing!

The Advanced Starter Kit for 3D Carving includes 9 Knives in a Roll with a small leather Strop and polishing compound (for keeping your knives sharp), plus 6 pieces of wood:

  1. The Beavercraft C-13 Whittling Knife
  2. The BeaverCraft C-15 Detail Knife
  3. The BeaverCraft SC03 Set of 7 Compact Carving Tools in a Roll
  4. A Whittling Stick to get your skills moving (see our Intro to Whittling Skills on our YouTube Channel)
  5. A Comfort Bird blank
  6. A Goose blank
  7. A Chook blank
  8. A Bookmark blank
  9. An English Lime (Or Basswood) carving blank (approx 45x45x160mm).

Just what you need for getting carving faces and more complex detail in your 3D figures, and for getting into Releif Carving, too. What a fantastic set!


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