Coping Saw – Boker (New)

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Every woodworker needs a Coping Saw!

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These Coping Saws, made in Germany by Boker, are beautifully made and great to use.

We love these for removing waste when hand sawing dovetails; for cutting away waste when doing the initial shape for wood carving, for cutting out spoons, butter knives and spatulas; and for so many other tasks. An incredibly versatile saw, it can even be used for small fretwork jobs. Every woodworker needs one of these!

Coping Saws are able to cut around very tight curves, which is why they get their name – for cutting “Coping”. Coping is where, at the meeting of two mouldings, one is cut to the shape of the other where it butts up and fits over the other.

The replaceable blades are commonly available, for a standard Coping Saw.

Check out our video on YouTube which gives a few tips on how to use this Coping Saw to cut out a Butter Knife.


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