Get Wood Carving! With this set of Twelve BeaverCraft Tools!

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It’s a great kit containing 11 tools in a roll, to get you started on Spoon Carving, Whittling, Relief Carving and Chip Carving. Selected from the BeaverCraft Tool range, BY woodcarvers FOR woodcarvers.

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How’s this for an introductory woodcarving deal!  We have compiled a set of 12 different tools, ideal for getting started in Spoon Carving, Whittling, Chip Carving, Kolrosing, and Relief Carving.

It’s a delightful range of chisels, gouges and knives we’ve selected from the BeaverCraft range – all in a handy protective cloth roll with a piece of leather for a strop and some polishing compound.

The tools in this handy 12 pocket Tool Roll contain:

  • C13 .. Skewed Detail Knife; C6 Small Chip Carving Knife; C11s .. Small Knife for Geometric Woodcarving.
  • SK1 Oak .. Hook Knife with Oak Handle (R); SK1L Hook Knife (L).
  • Compact Chisel set SC03: Containing: K1/10; K5/12; K6L/15; K8/08; K8a/14; K9/10; K12/02.
  • Small Leather strop and stick of Polishing Compound (for keeping your tools sharp).

The normal retail price if you bought all of these individually would be $465.

Grab this opportunity while you can! Stocks are limited, so don’t miss out! Free shipping too!


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