Kuksa Blank, in Jacaranda wood (green)

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A nice peice of green Jacaranda, but out in a rough Kuksa shape – just waiting for you to compelte the process. Get your hook knives, Sloyd knives, and gouges ready!

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Kuksa are so much fun to make and to use. These wooden drinking vessels, originally from the Saami tradition of far northern Scandianvia are now very popular to drink your tea, coffee, or wine from.

We have just make making your own Kuksa a whole lot easier! We have taken much of the hard work out of it for you.

Making a Kuksa is normally a job done with axes, sometimes curved adzes, and lots of hook knife work and sloyd knife work. Thewood is split from a section of log, such that the outside curve of the trunk under the bark creates the curve on the topside of the Kuksa. The inside of the Kuksa’s bowl is hollowed out with gouge, hook knive, or curved adze, and the outside is crafted mostly with a Sloyd Knife. It is a lot of work – but worth it!

While we have used oher woods, we fgind Jacaranda to be very suitable for Kuksa caving, due to its interlocking grain, stability, and relative ease of carving when green (Fresh off the tree).

Think of Kuksa Carving as being like Spoon Carving – only with a much shorter handle and a much bugger bowl!

We have reduced the work for you by splitting billets from the Jacaranda log, then hewing these billets suitable for the next stage… where we mark out the top shape, then cut out the outside of the Kuksa from the billet, on the bandsaw. We then put all the pieces of the billet back together again, held together with rubber bands,

As we say, we have done much of the hard work for you! Each of our Kuksa Blanks comes ready for you to carve the inside and outsides to your satisfaction. The Kuksa Blanks are  best used right away, while the wood is nice and green – for dry Jacaranda is quite hard! If you won’t get to play with it for a couple of weeks, we suggest you pack the Kuksa Blank in the freezer wrapped in a plasitc bag. It will wait for you green until you are ready.

We have only produced a limited number of these Kuksa Blanks. don’t miss out!


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