Mora 106 Sloyd Knife

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The Swedish made Mora 106 has become the “industry standard” in Sloyd Knives. Laminated blades, which are 80mm long. A delight to use!

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This Mora 106 Sloyd knife has become the industry standard in Whittling and Wood Carving, along with its shorter sibling, the Mora 120 Sloyd Knife. Made in Sweden, with laminated steel blades and wooden handles, these come plastic sheaths to protect the blades – and the user! They come razor sharp, ready to use. The blade of the 106 is 80mm long, with a nice long point, handy for carving tight radius curves (like around the neck of spoons).

These are  a beautiful knife. You can’t go wrong with these. The longer blade is handy for many of the “power cuts” you might use with a skewed blade for hogging off the waste. The fine tip is great for carving detail in figures, etc.

Definitely a fundamental, versatile and powerful woodcraft tool!


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