No. 110 Block Plane – Used

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The No.110 Block Plane has been use by generations of woodworkers since it first appeared in 1875!

We lvoce these very handl little planes. Just perfect for use on Shooting Boards.

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The No.110 Block Plane has been a wonderfully simple no-frills plane used by woodworkers all over the Western World since Stanley first released it in 1875. They produced it for over 100 years, as later did many other manufacturers, like Record, once the Stanley Patent ran out.

We have  a number of pre-loved No. 110 Block Planes available for purchase. Each has been checked, cleaned up and the blade sharpenned – ready for you to use and enjoy immediately. It’s a lucky dip what brand you will receive!

We love Block Planes. They are a delightful workhorse for any hand tool woodworker.

We have a video about the No.110 (and another about the No.120) on

Check these out to learn a few tips about tuning and using these wonderful tools.



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