No.120 Block Plane – Used

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The No.120 Block Plane is even more wonderful than the wonderful No. 110 Block Plane!

We have pre-loved No.120 Block Planes available for sale. Delicious.

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We love Blockplanes, and the No. 120 is a wonderful tool. Unlike its sibling the No. 110 Block Plane, the No. 120 has an adjusting wheel at the back to make adjustment of the blade really easy.

These pre-loved No. 120 Block Planes we have available for sale are a mix of Stanley, Record, and other brands.  It’s a lucky dip! Each Plane has been checked, cleaned up, and the blade sharpenned – ready for you to use and enjoy!

We have a video on   called: “Celebrating the No.120 Block Plane!”

Check it out to learn more about these lovely planes and compare them with the No.110 (which we also have a video about!


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