Plans for the “Lap Bench for Carvers”.

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The Lap Bench for Carvers has been developed by Greg Miller and colleagues from The Joy of Wood – developed by wood carvers for wood carvers. A digital download, available to anyone on the planet with an internet connection.

The Lap Bench for Carvers is a wonderfully portable device. It is a bench which sits on your knee while you are seated, enabling a range of wood carving activities including spoon carving, relief carving, Kolrosing, chip carving, and more. The adjustable strap which comes around your back enables you to push against the upstand as you work as required. Awesome!

The downloadable plan, in pdf format, consists of 2 pages: One page of drawings with measurements, the other page of photograhs showing some detail and some of the many ways to use this fantastic device.

Note: The measurements marked on this plan are in Millimetres. For our friends in the USA, we suggest you get a 2ft steel rule which has inches on one side and millimetres on the other. That makes it really easy, as you don’t have to do the conversions. These are done for you! Easy peasy.

By purchasing this plan, you are agreeing to help protect our intellectual property. Our implied copyright on the design and the drawings. By purchasing this plan, you are agreeing not to share the plans with anyone, and not to publish them anywhere – including on-line. We appreciate your respect for our efforts and our little enterprise.

If you are in Australia, you can purchase the completed Lap Bench for Carvers, which we can post out to you. Check it out here on our web shop.


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