Plans for the Mk III Shaving Horse / Bowl Carving Bench Combo.

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The Mk III Shaving Horse / Bowl Carving Bench Combo is a beautiful thing, and a joy to use.

The plans consist of 9 pages in PDF format, in 2 parts – ie. 2 files.

There are 2 files to download: Part 1 and Part 2. (Total of the 2 files is about 2.3Meg.)

Part 1 (Pages 1-7) consists of the plan drawings and the text.

Part 2 (pages 8,9) consists of photographs.

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This fantastic device combines an English Bodger style Shaving Horse with a very versatile Bowl Carving Bench. It was designed when I was travelling to other Australian States some years ago, for demonstrating green woodworking at various Wood Shows. To be transportable, the legs needed to be folded away and locked in the folded position. Hence this wonderful bench was born.

This Combo Bench is solid, which is what you need when bowl carving. It also has some nifty accessories, which enable you to grip bowls on edge for shaving edges, for shaping axe handles, etc. These accessories are all in the plans we have available. The bench also has dog holes, for optimum gripping and holding using bench dogs, hold fasts, etc.

The plans consist of 9 pages of plan drawings, text and photos, downloadable as 2 parts – two files in PDF format.

The reason this Plan comes in two parts (in two files), is solely due to the size limit on downloadable files imposed by this web shop software. However you will still end up with the full set of plans in order to make your own wonderful Mk III Shaving Horse/Bowl Carving Bench Combo!


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