Plans for the original “Saw Horse on Steroids”.

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Looking to build a small portable woodworking bench with a small footprint and powerful work holding capacity? This bench, the “Saw Stool on Steroids” is fantastic. These plans should help you build your own with ease.


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This amazingly versatile portable bench has a small footprint and powerful work holding capacity.

When I first posted about this bench I called the “Saw Stool on Steroids” in 2009 on my old blog, it went viral. People all over the planet were inspired and a wonderful array of variations were produced by people. Despite so many requests over the years, I did not get to complete the plans until December 2019. It only took me 10 years!

However that was 10 years of road-testing. Ten years of proving the design and exploring variations.

This bench has a proven track record of 10 years of hard work.

The plans consist  13 pages in PDF format, of drawings, diagrams, colour photos and text.


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