Pre-loved Ratchet Brace.

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These second hand Ratchet Braces we have available vary in their brands. However, all have been checked out and cleaned up. They work wonderfully.

Note: No Bits come with this Brace. They need to be purchased separately.

The Brace has been used to drill holes in wood for over 1000 years. These pre-loved Ratchet Braces we have available vary in their dates fo manufacture from 1930 – 1960s. The one in the picture is not necessarily the one you will get when you purchase it.
However each of these lovely braces has a functioning ratchet, and a good two-jaw chuck.

Not only is the Brace good for drilling holes with many of the traditional varieties of Brace Bits, but they will also work with a some modern Twist Drills (those which will fit in the Brace Chuck). Better still, the chucks will take Hex- bits, like Philips head driver bits. The power you get from one of these Braces is amazing. That’s why we use them alot with kids, including as a screw driver!

At times we have sets of Brace Bits available on this shop too. Keep an eye out for them.


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