A Pair of Silky Oak Eating Spoon Carving Billets

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A pair of lovely Silky Oak spoon carving Billets. Ideal for carving Eating Spoons! This is a delicious truly delicious wood to carve!

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Silky Oak Billets x 2 pieces.  Such a beautiful wood to carve – and so pretty with those predominant medullary rays!

These Billets have been split and/or sawn from the log, mostly “on the quarter” in order to maximise the prettiness in the grain. Roughly rectangular in section. Ideal for carving Eating Spoons! The rest is up to you!

Check out our free instructional video on www.youtube.com/user/thejoyofwood  : “Carve an Eating Spoon” .

Price is for a pair of Billets (2 per order).

We also sell the ideal knives for carving Eating Spoons:  Mora Sloyd Knives Model 120 or 106; or BeaverCraft C13 Whittling Knife, and the Mora 162 Hook Knife. All of these knives work beautifully on this lovely wood!


Please note: there are some people who may have an allergic reaction to this wood. If you are hyper-allogenic, or know you have an existing allergy to the dust of some woods, then we suggest you avoid working with Silky Oak – just in case. The Joy of Wood cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any reaction your body may have to this wood we supply, as we have provided fair warning.


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