Spokeshave No.51AR – Round Base.

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It’s the round bottom Spokeshave with the blade adjusters! Every woodworker needs one of these. Great for Spoon Carvers and Kuksa Carvers too, for shaving those inside curves..

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This model has two adjusting screws for easy fine adjustment of the blade. It is based on the old Stanley 151AR Spokeshave. The “A” means “adjustable” and the “R” means “round” sole or base.

Essentially a plane with a short sole and handles parallel to the blade, the spokeshave has been in use for centuries. The metal versions have only been in existence for just over 100 years.

It has a convex (round) base, and the curvature enables this plane to shave inside (concave) curves beautifully. where the 51, 53, and 151A are unable to go, as they have flat bases. It can also shave flat and convex surfaces, but this just taks a little practice to get the tool working well, on the correct angle to the work.

The difference between a Spokeshave and a Draw Knife is the same as the difference between a Plane and a Chisel.

What a tool! The Spokeshave is a truly wonderful woodworking tool.


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