Stirling Women’s Shed – an exciting partnership!

We are excited to report that The Joy of Wood entered into a pilot partnership with The City of Stirling, from 1 July 2023, to operate and to grow the Stirling Women’s Shed in its current location in Scarborough.

The City of Stirling and The Joy of Wood are committed to working together to continue the growth and development of the Stirling Women’s Shed. Both organisations recognise the value of a space for women to learn, connect, and thrive.

The Joy of Wood has been an integral part of the development of the Stirling Women’s Shed since its inception in early 2022 and the City of Stirling was delighted to formalise this partnership for the period to the end of June 2025.   

As part of this partnership, the Joy of Wood will be operating a range of programs across the week (including weekends) and the City of Stirling will continue to support a range of initiatives at the Stirling Women’s Shed.  

Location of the Stirling Women’s Shed.

The Stirling Women’s Shed is not an industrial facility. It is situated in a delightful community location, within Leisure Centre Building 2 of the City of Stirling’s Community Hub, 173 Gildercliffe Street, Scarborough WA 6019. The Shed opens out onto a courtyard where we commonly spill out in the cool of the summer evening to catch the sea breeze.

While there is some small machinery and some power tools, the focus is on learning and using traditional woodworking hand skills and techniques. It is very empowering to learn to use the hands to create beautiful objects, woodcraft, and furniture. Creating things in good company makes it even more enjoyable, as we learn and grow together.

The Stirling Women’s Shed – who is it for?

Women of all ages are welcome to participate in programs at the Stirling Women’s Shed. While established primarily to serve women who reside in the City of Stirling, in fact all women are welcome, including those who reside outside of the City of Stirling.

Women’s Sheds are few and far between, and often struggle to get support and recognition. We hope this unique partnership between The City of Stirling and The Joy of Wood, will shine a light of hope for groups of women everywhere, as to what might be possible in their communities.

Women can participate at the Stirling Women’s Shed either as Members or as visiting Non-members.

Membership of the Stirling Women’s Shed has benefits and responsibilities. By becoming a member, you are supporting the establishment and running of this exciting facility. Members are entitled to discounted fees for Workshops, for Scheduled Open Sessions, and free entry to Member-only Special Events and Gatherings. Non-members can still participate in Workshops and Open Sessions, but with no discounted entry fees.

For more information about membership, please email:

A Beacon of Hope!

There are groups of women all over Western Australia who have been struggling to acquire the recognition and resources – indeed struggling to be heard – as they seek to have a Womens’ Shed created in their community.

Through this unique partnership between the City of Stirling and The Joy of Wood, we hope this venture, The Stirling Women’s Shed, will provide a beacon of hope for what might be possible in communities all over Western Australia, as a viable model of co-operation between Local Government and the Private Sector.

How can you support this venture? – DONATE TOOLS and more!

The Stirling Women’s Shed is always seeking donations of woodworking tools. Sorry, but we are not interested in cheap modern tools with plastic components. We prefer high quality tools, old tools, like the kind of tools used by your father, grandfather, or great-grandfather. Even if it they have a little rust, or just need a bit of love, we will happily receive donations. The Stirling Women’s Shed is very grateful for the donations which have been given so far, mostly from deceased estates. We sincerely thank those families who have passed on the tools which once belonged to their loved ones, who we think would be delighted to know their beloved tools are being put to good use.

We are also eager to receive donations of dressed timber, so long as it is not treated with CCA and other nasty chemical cocktails. We do have storage challenges, but are very keen to have a chat with you if you have dressed timber to donate. This also applies to clean plywood pieces. We do not use MDF or particle boards, for various health reasons.

We are also eager to receive donations of green timber, if you are having trees removed or heavily pruned – however you will need to talk to us first. Three types we are almost always interested in are: Cale Lilac, Jacaranda, and Olive – including Olive “sticks”. We might be fussy about the branch and trunk sections you might offer, so if it suits you we could have a chat at your tree before the arborists get there!

If you would like to discuss tool or other donations with us, please email:

Upcoming Workshops at the Stirling Women’s Shed

Check here to see what workshops are coming up. Don’t miss out!

The menu of workshops is updated periodically, so don’t forget to check here again!

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