The Humanity in Hand Tools

What delights me most these days is the way my two great passions come together: working with wood and working with people. Almost every day I get to teach and encourage people of all ages in the wonders of Woodcraft.

This year, 2019, marks 10 years since I started running hand tool woodworking workshops. It’s been quite a journey, a coming together of many threads. For a number of years, I was self-employed as a Cabinet Maker / Joiner / Furniture Maker as I gradually established the “The Joy of Wood”. 

Over three years ago I was able to establish the Heritage Woodcraft Centre, home of The Joy of Wood, in Canning Vale, Western Australia. These days I do no custom joinery etc, I just teach – and I love it.  With the assistance of Gen and Tyson, we teach only traditional woodworking hand skills and techniques. We also use hand tool woodworking as a therapeutic activity.

What is it that drives me? What is the philosophy behind The Joy of Wood? The answer to this is found in a lovely interview, posted by Timbecon‘ on their YouTube channel.

I invite you to take 18 minutes to view “The Humanity in Hand Tools”. Here is the link:  “Meet the Makers: Greg Miller – The Humanity in Hand Tools.”

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  1. Marcus Napieraj on 17 August 2019 at 00:38

    Great video! Thanks for posting it.


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