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The Joy of Wood’s focus is teaching traditional woodworking hand skills and techniques – the kinds of skills used for centuries. We love to provide woodworking experiences for people of all ages, though our workshop programs, private tuition, and work in schools and festivals. To create with our hands is wonderfully empowering, so come and enrich your life as you experience the Joy of working Wood the traditional way!

Learn Traditional Woodcraft Skills

We love to share the joy of woodworking the traditional way, using the tools and techniques which have been used through the centuries. Wood is a fantastic natural material, a gift from the Trees, and making things from it using our hands and some simple tools is a delightfully physical, tactile, and enjoyable experience! With no screaming power tools, we can talk and laugh together, so we gain more from the experience than just the lovely wooden items we have crafted.

For most of our workshops and classes, no previous woodworking experience is required. However we can also offer Master Classes for those with more experience in woodworking.

The Heritage Woodcraft Centre located in Canning Vale is our dedicated teaching space, set up for the running of our Public and Private Workshops and Private Tuition. We are also mobile, taking the Joy of Wood’s woodworking activities out into the community through School Incursions and Festivals.  Come and be part of the fun!


What people say about our workshops


The girls had such a wonderful time! They are so very proud of what they have made. You are a great teacher. We will be back!


I wanted to send my gratitude for such a wonderful morning this Sunday. It was such a glorious morning, an excellent chance to reconnect with the skills of working with wood. You are an incredible mentor and teacher and made it so easy to get started, try out new skills and find success in such a short time.


Thanks so much for your amazing spoon workshop yesterday. I don't know if I've ever been in love with a piece of wood before but I am now!!


Thanks Greg! It was an amazing day! And yes a great bunch of people! Thank you for all the knowledge and patience that you shared! We love the Stool! It's holding up very well! I shall definitely have to practice my straight sawing and hammering techniques! Arms very sore by the end but well rested today!


Thank you for the spoon carving class last week. I love my spoon. In fact I enjoyed it so much I have convinced one of my sisters to come over to Perth on holiday next year and do a class too. She didn't take much convincing I hasten to add!


Thank you so much for the wonderful lesson for Innes today. He hasn't stopped talking about it and has shown all his relatives, explaining the different tools he used for different purposes. Such a great class. We will definitely return for another project.

Attend a Woodcraft Workshop

Traditional hand tool woodcraft

Real skills. Real tools. Real wood.

Woodworking traditions are as old as Humanity itself. Over countless generations the tools and traditions have evolved in all cultures and societies. Most of the tools lining the walls of our Heritage Woodcraft Centre reflect European technological developments over the last thousand years. We teach green wood spoon carving in the techniques developed over centuries primarily in the forest cultures of Northern Europe. Our axes, adzes and drawknives reflect the advancements in technology developed by the Vikings. We make stools and chairs from green wood using the pre-industrial knowledge, tools and techniques taken for granted by traditional craftspeople through the Ages. Many of the saws, planes and other tools we use were developed and refined during the Industrial Revolution and into the 19th and 20th Centuries.

We appreciate old hand tools, and we value their history. When we use them we are part of this great continuum and of their story. Good tools, when cared for and used properly, will last for generations.

We teach people of all ages how to correctly use hand tools. This makes them more efficient, so it is easier on our bodies and on the tools. We like to draw on the wisdom of the Ages. These are part of the essential skills in traditional hand tool woodworking. They are also the foundational skills. When you have these you can make and fix just about anything made from wood.

We have a passion for wood as a remarkable low energy, sustainable, renewable, recyclable natural material. We teach about the biology of trees and wood, as a greater understanding of this material greatly improves our woodworking experience. Different trees offer up wood with different properties, traditional uses, and characteristics.  We are committed to wood recycling, and believe that no wood should be going into land fill. Rescued from going into land fill, pallets and packing crates from Europe and North America provide us with some beautiful softwoods which are relatively easy for kids to work. Wood recycling is good for the Planet and good for the Soul.

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