Whittling Starter Kit

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It’s a Whittling Starter Kit! Some nice pieces of wood and a lovely Swedish made Sloyd Knife. If you are new to whittling, check out our “Introduction to Whittling Skills” video on our YouTube Channel : https://youtu.be/HnJ8F9x1N3c



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Whittling is so much fun. Here is a good starter kit for kids of all ages: from ages 8 – 98!
You have everything here you need in this kit to embark on the start of a wonderful whittling adventure.

Parents will know their child, but generally we suggest age 8 as the good starting age. For adults and kids alike, whittling can be a very engaging and absorbing activity. It is great for developing hand to eye co-ordination, for body awareness, for spacial relations skills, for building muscle tone in the fingers and hands, for aiding brain development, and for learning to take personal responsibility for oneself. It is recommended that kids are under parent supervision when learning to whittle. These Mora Sloyd Knives are not toys. They are beautiful Swedish made knives with laminated blades used by professional woodworkers as well as hobbyists. They are deadly sharp, and ready to use . Blunt knives are often more dangerous than sharp ones! The knives some with a sheath to protect both the edge and the person handling them!

The kit contains one (1) Mora 120 Sloyd knife, two (2) Whittling Sticks, and two (2) Butter Knife Blanks.

It is recommended that you view the videos we have put up on our YouTube Channel (thejoyofwood), starting with the Introduction to Whittling Skills https://youtu.be/HnJ8F9x1N3c
then move on to “Carve a Butter Knife from a Blank” https://youtu.be/oL0NdSn5xng

It is best to learn good safe techniques right from the start! We can help you there!


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