We are now Dealers of BeaverCraft Tools in Australia!

The Joy of Wood are proud to announce we are now Dealers for BeaverCraft Tools in Australia.

BeaverCraft Tools started in Ukraine in 2014, and since that time have been developing their wide range of quality wood carving tools. These tools are made from high carbon steel, sharpened and polished to a razor sharp edge – ready to use straight out of the box.

You will find a growing range of BeaverCraft Tools available to purchase on our Website Shop: http://www.thejoyofwood.com.au/shop

You will also find videos introducing these tools on our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thejoyofwood

The SK4 S (Right Hand, with Sheath) and SK4LS (Left Hand, with Sheath) are awesome Open Curved Hook Knives, with their nice long Oak handles and Leather Sheaths. Fantastic.

The SK4 Hook Knives, pictured above, are beautiful tools. Here is a link, for example, to a 4 minute video we made introducing them: https://youtu.be/3BJGmQM8p0g We love these tools!

Kuksa Carving! The KS2 Long Handled Hook Knife, the SK1 Hook Knife and the K8a/14 Compact Short Bent Gouge are 3 brilliant BeaverCraft tools for hollowing Kuksa.

We love hollowing Kuksa. These wooden drinking vessels are based on those from the Saami tradition of far northern Scandinavia. The hollowing of these cups is made easier with the use of the tools pictured above.

You will find short 4 minute videos introducing each of these tools on our YouTube Channel. Here are the links to the introducitons to these tools:

The SK2 Long Handled Hook Knife: https://youtu.be/17_QCnL8qdI

The K8a/14 Compact Short Bent Gouge: https://youtu.be/gmqbvsVDDnw

The SK1 Hook Knife: https://youtu.be/b21l2fie-yY

Check out these great tools on our on-line shop: http://www.thejoyofwood.com.au/shop

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