BeaverCraft LS5P1 Dual-Sided Paddle Strop for Hook Knives

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A wonderful tool for sharpening Hook Knives and other curved blades. The Dual-Sided Paddle Strop by BeaverCraft is ideal for efficient honing and stropping of many Hook Knives, Spoon Carving Gouges, and for In-Cannel Gouges. What a beauty!

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All spoon carvers know that sharpening hook knives can be tricky.

So BeaverCraft have made a fantastic tool for honing and stropping curved blades. Great for hook knives and for gouges! One side holds a piece of P600 abrasive paper which is held in place over the curved surfaces cleverly by a pair of wooden rods (the Paddle Strop comes with two pieces of the P600 abrasive paper). The side with the abrasive paper is great for honing an edge when it needs more attention.

The other side of the paddle strop has a leather surface which is similarly curved. This is the stropping side. The Paddle Strop comes with a stick of green polishing compound which you apply to the leather to aid the stropping process.

Note: The curvature of the dual sided paddle strop tool is most suitable for honing and stropping hook knives like the Mora 162 & 164 and the BeaverCraft SK1, SK2 & SK5. It may not be as suitable for hook knives with a more open curve.

We have a video on our YouTube channel which shows how to use the dual-sided paddle strop to hone and strop hook knives, spoon carving gouges, and in-cannel gouges. Check it out!


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