BeaverCraft LS4CP1 One-sided Leather Strop

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This lovely strop comes with a nice dense piece of leather glued to a piece of wood, with a stick of polishing compound included in the box. These strops are ideal for getting that really keen edge on your Sloyd Knives, Chisels and Plane Irons, draw knives, carving tools. You can also learn to use these for your hook knives, gouges and curved edged tools – though can be easier with the LS5 Double Sided Paddle Strop for Hook Knives.    Strop size: 225 x 65 x 25mm.

Polishing the edge of your tool abrades it at a microscopic level, giving you a wonderfully sharp edge.

Regular stropping of you knive will made that whittling and carving much easier.

Learn how to strop your edges here:



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