BeaverCraft SK1 Hook Knife – Oak Handle – Right (right-to-left cutting action)

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The BeaverCraft SK1 Hook Knife, with its 25mm hook is a flagship of the BeaverCraft range. It has an interesting skewed cutting edge on the end, created by a rapid narrowing of the blade. Great for spoon bowls and Kuksas.

This Hook Knife one has a right-to-left cutting action.

Note: this has nothing to do with the “handedness” of the person on the end of the knife. Right/Left …. is about the direction of the cut i.e. “right” has a right-to-left cutting action and “left” has a left-to-right cutting action. If I am holding the hook knife in my right hand hand, a right hand blade cuts away from my thumb. Likewise, if I am holding the hook knife in my left hand, a left hand blade cuts towards my thumb.

There are times when the grain dictates a cleaner cut if you go the other way to the normal RH action. You can be a contortionist, or you can reach for the left version of the blade … that’s much better!

We like the Oak Handle because it is a little bit longer (130 mm) than the normal BeaverCraft SK1 Hook knife handle (105 mm).

Kuksa carvers! We have found the skewed blade on the end of the curve to be fantastic for doing skewed cuts as you draw the hook knife up the inside of your Kuksa bowl!

If you also have the BeaverCraft SK1L Hook Knife – Left (left-to-right cutting action), other than easily being able to cut in a left-to-right cutting action, you gain the benefit of a visual difference between the blades, so you can easily pick the difference between the left and right cutting actions of these hook knives laying before you in your tool collection.


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