BeaverCraft SK2 Long Handled Hook Knife.

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King of the Kuksas! This long handled, double sided Hook Knife is fantastic for carving Kuksas as well as for spoons, where you want to apply the leverage of a long handle and a two handed action.

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This is an awesome tool, with a long (300mm) Ash handle, which gives great leverage for two-handed work. It has a double sided high carbon steel blade, polished to a razor sharp edge. Ready to use out of the box! A copper ferrule at the blade end of the tool gives great strength for that levering action for carving Spoons and Kuksas.

THIS TOOL IS THE KUKSA KING! It is fantastic hook knife for carving Kuksas, with the long handle and double sided blade, enabling it to cut both left and right.

The SK2 Long-handled Hook Knife is also a brilliant tool for people with limited hand strength, or who have some disability in the hand(s) – where the normal one-handed use of a hook knife just is too difficult to manage. The two handed actions made possible by this tool make it particularly useful in these situations.

The Joy of Wood is proud to be a Dealer in Australia for BeaverCraft tools, which are made in Ukraine. Since 2014 BeaverCraft have been creating premium quality tools at affordable prices.


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