BeaverCraft SK4S Hook Knife Pair – Left and Right hand!

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The pair of SK4S Hook knives – the Left and the Right. These delicious knives with their open curved blades are wonderful for carving those more shallow spoons. Razor sharp blades protected by their nifty leather sheaths.

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Get both of these lovely Hook Knifes! The wonderful SK4S (Right hand) and SK4LS (Left Hand) hook knives.

These have nicely shaped longish handles which are 200mm long, made from Oak. The excellent blades are made from high carbon steel, polished to a razor-sharp edge. They are ready to use straight out of their boxes. The blades are 60mm long, making the total tool lengths at 260mm long. The open curve is ideal for shaping shallow open bowls on spoons. The sewn leather sheath fits the blade like a glove, providing protection for the blade.

Having both the left hand and right hand tools enables you to work comfortably in any situation with the grain. We find the long handles are ideal for one hand and two handed use. For people with arthritic hands and compromised abilities in either or both hands, these longer handles are a dream come true!

This tool is a joy to use, and The Joy of Wood is proud to be an authorised dealer of these BeaverCraft Tools here in Australia.


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