Mora 120 Sloyd Knife

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The Mora 120 is a fantastic Sloyd knife for those embarking on any woodcraft adventure, like whittling, spoon carving, and wood carving figures.

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The Mora 120 Sloyd Knife, with its 60mm long laminated steel blade is the slightly shorter sibling to the Mora 106, which has an 80mm long blade. With the same comfortable wooden handle, the slightly shorter Mora 120 is the knife we supply with our Whittling Kits. It is great for kids and people with smaller hands. Some people when learning knife skills feel a bit daunted by the length of the 106. The Mora 120 is therefore ideal as a starting point!

Each knife comes with a plastic sheath to protect the blade’s razor sharp edge – and the user!

Made in Sweden, the Mora 120 is a fundamental tool for wood carving, whittling, and general woodcraft.


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