BeaverCraft K12/02 Compact V-Tool

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A lovely Compact V-tool.

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What a lovely little tool. This delightful little V-tool is great for engraving details, lettering and relief carving.

Its number 02 means the “legs” of the “V” are 2mm long. So it is a very nice little V-tool. Be aware that it is not a tool for striking with a mallet, more for paring.

This tool is also available as part of a set of 7 Compact Gouges, which comes in a nifty Tool Roll. (SC03)

The Joy of Wood is proud to be an authorised Australian Dealer of the BeaverCraft range of tools.  Made by BeaverCraft in Ukraine, these tools have high quality carbon steel blades which come with a razor sharp polished edge right out of the box, ready to use. The handle is made from Ash, with a copper ferrule around the blade end for increased strength and durability.

The total length of the tool is only 190mm, which makes it ideal to be contained in any small travelling spoon carving kit!


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