Single Penguin Blank

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Such a great little whittling project!

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The Single Penguin Blank is a great little whittling or wood carving project. The blank comes with the rough profile cut out, and the wood is Basswood or English Lime. All you have to do is to apply your knife skills to transform the blank into a cute penguin. You can add as much or as little detail as you like. Is it a stylised penguin, or does it have minute detail – that choice is entirely up to you. Why not paint your completed penguin, to really bring it alive?

These Penguin Blanks provide a great opportunity to learn and to apply your whittling and wood carving skills.

You get one Penguin Blank. The other carved one in the picture is merely for inspiration!

Why not move onto carving the whole Penguin Family? Available too from our shop, for a really serious cuteness factor. Add several families, and you can create a whole rookery!

To whittle the Penguin, all you need is a Sloyd knife like the BeaverCraft C13 or C15, the Phurba R13 or R15, or our Bush Whittler knife.


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