Small Chip Carving Knife

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The Kirschen 3358 Chip Carving Knife is a wonderfully versatile knife. While it is sold as a chip carving knife, Greg has kept one in his apron pockets over the last 30 years (protected by a cork shoved on the end), as he uses it as a Marking Knife – the perfect knife for marking out dovetails and other hand cut joints!

It is also the knife Greg uses when teaching Whittling skills to kids in Primary Schools. It is a fantastic whittling knife for small kids.

However is is also a very handy whittling knife when carving small details into your spoons and other carvings. Lettering and engraving, etc. It is, after all a chip carving knife!

We reckon it is a whole lot more than that. This is a very handy little knife indeed.

You will find a video about this knife on our YouTube channel,
Look for the video called :”What a great little Knife!”


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